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Boycotting the companies that fund the illegal behaviours of israel will strangle the arterial veins of cashflow that is funnelled into the killing policies of the most APARTHEID REGIME EVER and hopefully starve the bloodthirsty beast that is Zionist Occupation and outright landtheft of ancient Palestine.

Yeh but really why should we honestly care or not? I will tell you why..

When Israel have finished taking over Palestine. They will have a taste for land conquest and your town WHEREVER it may be is not immune from this insidious agenda... It must not EVER be allowed to rule over Palestine, or we are doomed as a HUMAN RACE on PLANET EARTH. StopFundingIsrael is about investing in a collective future.

We hope to be informative about the reasons why we need to be aware to stop giving Israel any money whatsoever, by targeting those companies financially that already give generously to this illegal zionist state, we hope to make a difference to the Palestinians living in GAZA and WEST BANK. If you like to see this site survive, please donate to support us.

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